Organizational Performance – Leadership – Culture – Resilience

Who Are We?

We have many hats in the cupboard, reflections of our journey and the somewhat eclectic background and experience that both defines and make us, who we are. For this, we make no apology.


Over the 25 plus years that we have been consultants, we have undertaken a wide-range of projects in many sectors, principally in the realm of risk, compliance and self-assessment, but also in the realms of resilience and infrastructure criticality assessment. In recent times our commissions have included organizational culture assessment and facilitation of workplace innovation projects.

Learning & Development

Increasingly in recent years, we have found ourselves imparting to others the knowledge and wisdom that we have accumulated over the years. We conduct master-classes and workshops ( ½ day, 1 day and 2 day courses) on a number of topics, principally in Australasia, but occasionally in North America.   More »»


Bircham-Global Publishing Limited is the publishing arm of our business.

“Addicted to Performance” is the first of our publications. It is now available in Amazon Kindle eBook format and will shortly be available in printed and ePub eBook formats.   Addicted to Performance »»