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*****  This is a well researched and very easy to read e-book. The author(s) has a firm grasp of the subject in hand and has written in a style that is not strangled to death with 'jargon'. The examples used to illustrate the arguments are well documented and should be familiar to anyone with even just a slight interest in current events. Anyone interested in looking 'under the bonnet' of some of today's most notorious disasters should give this book a serious look - it really is a good read!

*****  Every so often I find something that sparks me out of the intellectual wasteland that so much of the debate around risk, BC and resilience seems to have become. One example is the book I recently finished reading – Addicted to Performance by John Bircham and Heather Connolly.

I would recommend this to those interested in risk and resilience thinking. If your primary approach to risk, BC and resilience is standardised, templated and adhering to conventional wisdom – rather than application of critical thinking – this book is for you. But you may not fully appreciate that.

John’s name will be familiar...More