Organizational Performance – Leadership – Culture – Resilience

Increasingly in recent years, we have found ourselves imparting to others the knowledge and wisdom that we have accumulated over the years. We conduct master-classes and workshops ( ½ day, 1 day and 2 day courses) on the following topics, principally in Australasia, but occasionally in North America.

Risk & Resilience

World of Risk

Risk is embedded in almost everything we do whether as individuals, organizations, communities or nations. None of us can escape its ever present reality in our lives, which for the most we are oblivious to until something happens. It is managed unconsciously and herein is the enigma of risk. It is always present, but we are unaware of its presence.    More »»

Processes of Risk Management

Managing risk, whether it be Health & Safety, disruption (power outage) or non-disruption (business as usual) risk is the responsibility of everyone, leadership, management and workforce. A risk manager should not be seen as the person whose task it is to manage risk on behalf of everyone, but rather as the organization’s resident expert, the person who knows which tool or process to employ to manage a particular risk.    More »»